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ends 30 Jun 2016, 11:59 PM
TWC2 started Project Roof to help injured foreign workers who could no longer rely on their employer to provide adequate accommodation. Sometimes the dormitory is downright awful for an injured person to recuperate, or meals not supplied. Employers who are unhappy that an injured worker is a drain on resources can also make life very difficult for him. Other times it is a fear that the employer will pack him off to the airport and put him on the next flight home to avoid paying his treatment or sick leave salary.

For these multiple reasons, injured workers often need to get out of the dorm. However, in most cases, they are not paid because they are injured, which leave workers with no means to rent alternative accommodation. What can he do? He goes on the run hoping to bunk in with friends. Or sleeps rough in the streets.

Our Project Roof helps these destitute injured workers to find a place to stay and pays their rent till they are recovered and ready to fend for themselves. Started in early 2014, the project sheltered 32 workers for the whole of 2015.

The monthly rent for each sheltered worker is about $250. At any one time, the project is prepared to shelter up to 12 workers. In a year, the estimated budget will be $250 x 12 x 12, i.e. a total of $36,000.

Your donation will enable Project Roof to continue providing injured workers with a safe and proper place to recover.

About the Charity

Transient Workers Count Too extends help to low-wage migrant workers who have been injured, unpaid, or abused by employers. Low-wage migrant workers constitute about one in five persons in Singapore. Doing jobs like construction, sanitation and domestic work, they form the backbone of our society and economy. Yet they are often treated badly by employers. Sometimes, salaries are not paid, rest days denied, housed in unsafe and unhygienic places, physically and psychologically abused, and when injured, abandoned without adequate medical treatment or left with no income. Migrant workers have no family in Singapore to fall back on for help. Doing low-wage work, they do not have savings to tide them through difficulties. TWC2 tries to help by extending a lifeline to those in need.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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Christine Scully, Contact Person