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For close to 30 years, we've been showing our love to older persons in a way we knew best. Today, we continue to change mindsets and deliver innovative care.

- First to bring medical and social care into homes of older persons.

Unlike today, seniors who have mobility issues or complex conditions in the 90s had no or limited access to medical and social care. There was no data or little understanding of how older persons, especially those at risk, were living in the community. Despite challenges, the first Hua Mei Mobile Clinic team visited the home of a frail senior who needed financial and social support in 1993.

- First to dedicate a clinic to attend solely to older persons' needs.

Unlike today, elder-friendly clinics offering primary geriatric care hardly existed in the 90s. Hua Mei Seniors Clinic (now Hua Mei Clinic) opened its doors to provide advanced primary care for mature adults in 1996.

- First to push for socio-medical care for older persons.

Unlike today, caring for older persons neglected the equally important elements of communication, counselling, continuity of eldercare in the 90s. Hua Mei Care Management helps frail and at-risk elders access medical and social services to enable them to live at home in optimal health since 1998.

About the Charity

Our vision is of an inclusive society for all ages that optimises opportunities in longevity.

Our mission is to advance a positive transformation of the ageing experience, we seek constructive mindset and systemic change through innovation and advocacy in community-based eldercare, training and education, policy relevant research and collaboration.

We are motivated by the spirit of innovation to find ways to improve the quality of life of older persons.

In the pursuit of excellence, we set high professional standards for ourselves and for the services we provide. As a catalyst for constructive change, we actively promote scholarly research on ageing issues, invite distinguished scholars to share their expertise, and support policy planners through dialogue and feedback.


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