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About Us

Our vision is of an inclusive society for all ages that optimises opportunities in longevity.

Our mission is to advance a positive transformation of the ageing experience, we seek constructive mindset and systemic change through innovation and advocacy in community-based eldercare, training and education, policy relevant research and collaboration.

We are motivated by the spirit of innovation to find ways to improve the quality of life of older persons.

In the pursuit of excellence, we set high professional standards for ourselves and for the services we provide. As a catalyst for constructive change, we actively promote scholarly research on ageing issues, invite distinguished scholars to share their expertise, and support policy planners through dialogue and feedback.

Our Programmes

Established in 1993, Tsao Foundation is a Singapore-registered charity with IPC (Institution of a Public Character) status. We are engaged in the global response to ageing and longevity through four synergistic core initiatives:

Hua Mei Centre for Successful Ageing which enables ageing-in-place by pioneering replicable, community based, integrated health and psychosocial aged care service models grounded in person-centered principles;

Hua Mei Training Academy, dedicated to capacity building in professional community-based aged care, informal and family caregiving, as well as personal development and community action in successful ageing through providing practitioner-driven training, education and consultancy services;

International Longevity Centre Singapore which supports policy, practice, advocacy and community development through initiating high impact research and collaborative platforms in population ageing issues and related action;

Community for Successful Ageing pulls together multiple components of successful ageing - multidisciplinary health and social services, personal empowerment and participation, and policymaking, to create a unique ecosystem where people thrive as they age. In 2019, a pilot was launched to provide integrated health and social care services for older adults with intellectual disability and their elderly caregiver parents. The team comprises a doctor, nurse, social worker, psychologist and a coordinator.
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