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ends 10 Mar 2021, 11:59 PM
This Lunar New Year, help our youths reconnect with their families by donating to Trybe. Your gift will support our services that carve out quality time and intentional activities for our clients and their loved ones.
Rebuilding relationships

Sentenced to probation at the age of 16, Gene* decided to turn over a new leaf as soon as he realised how his past mistakes deeply affected his mother. She didn't say much but he knew he caused her too much pain. Keen to make things right for his family, Gene sought help from Trybe to understand and control his aggressive behaviour.

Making better choices for the family

Kurt* found the motivation to change because of his family. It was during his rehabilitation programme with Trybe when he realised his father's difficulties in supporting their family and his grandmother--who was recently diagnosed with cancer. With the encouragement and support from the Trybe staff, Kurt started to make better decisions to fulfill his dream of becoming a dependable man in the future.

Having a strong family support empowers youths like Gene and Kurt to pursue their success stories. Help more disadvantaged youths transform their lives and rebuild their relationships with their families this new year.

*Names have been changed for client's protection

About the Charity

Established in 1995, Trybe is a social service agency that specialises in working with youth facing adversities. Our vision is "Every Youth a Success Story". We believe that all youth are able to reach the fullest of their potentials to live successful lives. Thus, we are united by our mission - to journey with youth who face adversities to lead purposeful lives; inspiring them to impact others.

Trybe, an Institution of Public Character (IPC), is a member of the National Council of Social Services (NCSS). Our corporate values are resilience, integrity, service, and excellence.

Through our Community & Youth Services (CYS) Division and management of the Singapore Boys' Hostel (SBHL), Trybe provides youth with guidance and offer support for their families and communities, creating a complete ecosystem of care from community-based interventions to individual aftercare services.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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