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A theatre company with real soul, constantly seeking to create, innovate, and inspire, is the heart of Toy Factory Productions Ltd.

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Constantly pushing the envelop in a relentless endeavor to create works that go beyond just entertainment, Toy has been stirring up audiences both locally and globally, participating in creative exchanges in Australia, China, Egypt, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Thailand and Russia, and sweeping 13 Life! Theatre Awards since the inception of the prestigious annual awards event in 2001.

Guided by its bold spirit and an attitude of risk-taking, Toy has been taking the arts to a new dimension with its exciting, thought-provoking and moving productions. As it rapidly and ceaselessly negotiates and continues to define its role as a theatrical heavyweight, it still strives to maintain its simple philosophy of the theatre being a platform for intellectual, educational, spiritual and joyful exchange.
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Serene Leong

Toy Factory Productions Ltd.

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