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ends 31 Jan 2022, 11:59 PM
THKMC is aiming to raise $100,000 for the low-income families in Singapore. Every dollar raised will go to purchasing grocery vouchers distributed to every low-income family that THKMC serves.

Every day, underprivileged families go through multiple challenges and disadvantages due to limited financial resources. Caregivers of the families cannot spend time with their children because they often work odd and long hours to put bread on the table. They are unable to give their children additional learning support such as tuition classes. As a result, children from these low-income families often have limited family resources to break the poverty cycle.

THKMC currently supports more than 5000 low-income families through the Family Service Centres distributed around Singapore. Approximately 43% of these families live in 1-2 room rental flats, and above 17% presented financial issues as the primary source of the problem.

As the holiday season approaches and many would be out celebrating with their family, the caregivers of these underprivileged families are working extra hard to solve their bread and butter issues. While you are soaking in the atmosphere, consider helping these beneficiaries of THKMC by donating to our charity cause so that the low-income families can join in the festive cheer.

About the Charity

THKMC has over 55,000 beneficiaries each year, you will find us when the need arises. We are at every corner in Singapore watching over the needs of the people. We help anyone that needs help. That is the purpose of our existence. To serve you better, always.

Website: https://www.thkmc.org.sg/


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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