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The Select Centre is a nonprofit that is committed to promoting translation and intercultural communication. We believe that translation is key to intercultural understanding as we live in a diverse, multicultural world. Our core mission is to advance the interflow of ideas and knowledge between cultures, languages and disciplines through translation and other intercultural practice.

Our full calendar of programmes include festivals, talks, workshops, mentorships, residencies and other development and outreach programmes, with three strategic thrusts:
1. Capacity Development: To develop writers and translators through intercultural and interdisciplinary programmes;
2. Advocacy & Outreach: To promote intercultural practice among various stakeholders, including policy-makers, schools the community;
3. Internationalisation: To develop Singapore as a regional hub and gateway of ideas and knowledge to the world.

We are a recipient of the National Arts Council Seed Grant.


We organise a year-round calendar of programs that include:
I. Translators Lab: An innovative workshop that trains translators working in Singapore's four languages.
II.Translation Mentorships: A programme that helps emerging translators gain experience and skills.
III. School Workshops: Bicultural translation workshops for schools as part of the NAC-AEP.
IV. Intercultural Residency: A 6-month residency for translators to work on their projects.
V. TranslateSingapore: Select's signature annual translation festival.
VI. Literary Gateway: An exchange platform between SEA and Singapore for translators, writers and publishers.
VII. TranslationCommunity SG: A platform for translators to share ideas and discuss issues.
VIII. Literally Speaking: A talk series on literature and society.
IX. Mind Your (Inter)Culture: A book club that showcases translated works from Singapore and SEA.
X. Singapore Writers Festival: Select is SWF's programme partner as well as bookstore manager.

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