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About Us

The Select Centre is a nonprofit that is committed to promoting translation and intercultural communication. We are a charity and IPC registered in Singapore. We believe that translation is key to intercultural understanding as we live in a diverse and multicultural world. Our core mission is to advance the interflow of ideas and knowledge between cultures, languages and disciplines.

We organise a full calendar of programmes that include festivals, talks, workshops, mentorships, residencies and other development and outreach programmes, with three strategic thrusts:
1. Training and capacity development;
2. Advocacy and outreach;
3. Internationalisation.

Every dollar that you donate to Select may be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Cultural Matching Fund. Also, your cash donation is eligible for 2.5 times tax deduction.

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Our Programmes

We organise a year-round calendar of programs that include:
I. Translators Lab: An innovative workshop that trains translators working in Singapore's four languages.
II.Translation Mentorships: A programme that helps emerging translators gain experience and skills.
III. School Workshops: Bicultural translation workshops for schools as part of the NAC-AEP.
IV. Intercultural Residency: A 6-month residency for translators to work on their projects.
V. TranslateSingapore: Select's signature annual translation festival.
VI. Literary Gateway: An exchange platform between SEA and Singapore for translators, writers and publishers.
VII. TranslationCommunity SG: A platform for translators to share ideas and discuss issues.
VIII. Literally Speaking: A talk series on literature and society.
IX. Mind Your (Inter)Culture: A book club that showcases translated works from Singapore and SEA.
X. Singapore Writers Festival: Select is SWF's programme partner as well as bookstore manager.
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