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About Us

The Select Centre is a Singapore-registered charity and institution of public character (IPC) dedicated to fostering engagements across languages and cultures.

A large part of our work involves promoting the literatures of the different communities in Singapore and the region through training, outreach and internationalisation. We were recently shortlisted for the London Book Fair Excellence Awards 2017 for best literary translation initiative in the world.

Only a small part of our operating costs is covered by government grants so we need broad support to help us continue our work. Your donations will be eligible for 2.5 times tax deduction and may qualify for dollar-for-dollar matching under the Cultural Matching Fund.

We thank you from the bottom of of our hearts for your generous support. We look forward to engaging you more closely as we continue to improve our organisation.

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Our Programmes

We have three main areas of focus:-

1. Training and capacity development - We conduct a range of courses related to literature and translation. They include workshops in government schools, youth mentorships, advanced translator labs and a translator residency programme.

2. Advocacy and outreach - We organise regular public events, including the annual TranslateSingapore festival, incorporating the Singapore International Translation Symposium. Publications we have worked on include Living in Babel: Singapore Literature in Translation (2017) and A Portrait of Singapore Malay Poetry (2017). We have also launched an online literary magazine Canopy ( to champion writings from the region.

3. Internationalisation - Our Literary Gateway programme connects Singapore with the wider region, creating opportunities for local writers, translators, editors and publishers. We also showcase Singapore literature through various international platforms, such as Words Without Borders and Writers Centre Norwich. Our latest programme is the five-month Singapore Apprenticeship in Literary Translation (SALT) programme that aims to put Singapore translators on the global stage.

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