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About Us

Founded in 2011, The Saturday Movement is a registered charity that befriends and cares for a community of more than 500 vulnerable, disadvantaged or elderly in Singapore. Today, it provides 4,000 bread, fruit and meals every month and caters weekly lunches for the beneficiaries.

Our mission is to assist the disadvantaged elderly and poor in low income areas through the simple act of providing a meal or dry rations and a listening ear. These beneficiaries we encounter have been trapped or left behind in the wake of economic growth and urbanisation and are unable to cope financially, mentally or emotionally.

Our vision is to foster a kind, caring and inclusive world where nobody gets left behind.

Our Programmes

Elderly Befrienders (Lengkok Bahru) - provide monthly 4000 meal vouchers, bread and fruits to more than 500 elderly living in 1 room rental flats.

Community Kitchen at Lengkok Bahru - provide employment to residents to cook and feed the beneficiaries. Open to public to help support the feeding program. Helmed by highly experienced chefs to ensure quality food.

Befrienders (ex-Sungei Road vendors) - provide meals and a shop space for them to eke a living.

Meal donation for 350 children from the Christian Paisansart School, Thailand. Providing basic nourishment for children rescued from human trafficking.

Seeking to implement a Pilot Dementia Prevention Program using cognitive training methods, and applied music, language and physical therapy
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