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About Us

"The Tent" endeavors to provide a safe and conducive environment for female adolescents in need so that they can attain reconciliation within themselves, with their families and society.

Through our structured programmes, which are based on compassion and respect for each individual, our clients will experience "new truth" which is a deeper awareness of their basic dignity and goodness.

Our ministry to our clients and their families is based on:

1. Respect for their inherent dignity, faith and culture.
a compassionate approach in our service delivery.
2. A compassionate approach in our service delivery.

Our Programmes

Foundation programs which are fundamental to each resident.

1. Personal development
2. Clothes mending and fabric care
3. Healthy lifestyle
4. Study discipline
5. Meal preparation
6. Decision-making
7. Time management
8. Anger management
9. Budgeting
10. QT (Quiet Time and Reflections)
  • Social Service
  • Women & Girls

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