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ends 15 Apr 2016, 11:59 PM
On March 11, I will be taking part in a arctic ultra race (organised by 6633ultra.com/) which requires me to cover 566 km in 8 days in -30 to - 40 deg C climate. It is a challenge I have set myself for this year.

The race starts in the Yukon region in this place called Eagles Plain and ends off at bank of Arctic Ocean in Tuktoyaktuk. It is a non-stage self-supported race where I will be pulling a sled of about 25-30kg throughout the race. On average, I need to cover 70-75km in order to complete the race. It is almost like doing a ultra marathon a day for 8 days in a row. The toughest part of the challenge is to deal with the extreme cold climate and strong wind.

In 2010, I attempted the same race but did not complete it (I only did 380 in 5 days). This time, I thought of giving this race another shot and would also like to incorporate a charity element. I believe in the cause of The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (STSPMF) where I raised about $53k for the fund in 2008. When I think about fundraising for causes, STSPMF first came into mind. Cheer me on as I embark on the journey in Arctic by donating generously to support STSPMF!

About the Charity

The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund provides pocket money to children from low-income families to help them through school. The children can use this money for school-related expenses, such as buying a meal during recess, paying for transport or using it to meet other schooling needs. The financial help also eases the burden of the many parents who are already struggling to feed their families on their meagre incomes.

The Fund supports about 10,000 children and youth a year. Since the year 2000, the Fund has disbursed more than $80m and helped over 180,000 children and youth.

STSPMF disburses the funds to needy students through participating mainstream schools and disbursing agencies such as Youth Centres, Family Service Centres (FSCs), Special Education (SPED) schools, VWOs working with persons with disability, specialised schools, Children's Homes and PAVE.

STSPMF is a charity with Institution of Public Character (IPC) status.
Read more about STSPMF at www.spmf.org.sg


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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