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About Us

The Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf) is a social service organisation that has been serving the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing community in Singapore for the past six decades.

Established in 1955, SADeaf serves more than 5,600 Deaf and Hard-of-hearing persons. A member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and, is also supported by the Community Chest of Singapore, Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). Internationally, SADeaf is affiliated to the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) and locally to the Children Charities Association (CCA).

SADeaf mission is to assist the Deaf and hard-of-hearing persons to achieve a better quality of life and to enable them to integrate and contribute to society.

It costs SADeaf approx. $5.1 million per year to run all its services and programmes and is dependent on the bulk of its funding on the generosity of corporate and the general public.

Our Programmes

SADeaf provides a gamut of services such as:

-Itinerant Support Service to facilitate effective integration of students with hearing loss in mainstream schools from primary to tertiary levels
-Counselling and Financial Assistance
-Employment Support
-Hearing Care Service
-Sign Language Courses
-Sign Language Interpretation
-Notetaking Service
-Deaf Awareness Programme
-Advocacy of Deaf needs
-Deaf Education
  • Disability
  • Social Service

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The Singapore Association for the Deaf

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