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John who is 16 years old, grew up in a dysfunctional family where his abusive father used brute force to discipline him. His father left the family when John turned 9 and the burden of raising John and his younger siblings fell on John's mother. Despite being a committed mother, she was unable to provide adequate levels of care. With the lack of supervision at home, John began to mix with the wrong company. Soon, he started running away from home, getting into fights with other gangs and became physically aggressive towards his family.

Consequently, John was admitted to Gracehaven in 2015. The stability and structured programmes which encouraged positive behaviour was effective in transforming John. Psychological and rehabilitative professional services helped to address his challenging behaviours and provided constructive avenues for him to release his frustrations. John made great strides in his progress because of the supportive Home environment and he focused on education as a priority for himself. Last year, John was rewarded with his first ever achievement of passing his final examinations. Recently, he shared with his social worker that he was very appreciative of the guidance from the Home which helped him turn his back on his errant ways.

When you give to The Salvation Army, you are giving to a wide range of needs from the young to the old. Will you pause for a moment and give to someone in need today?

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The Salvation Army has been touching lives in Singapore since 1935 and we remain committed in serving the underprivileged in the community without discrimination. To us, every life is precious and we actively help those in need regardless of age, race or religion. Throughout the years, we have established a comprehensive network of social services to meet a wide range of needs in our community. Our diverse programmes reach out to children who need care and protection, families in material need, ailing aged requiring quality nursing care and other needy segments in our society. Your support goes a long way in helping to transform our beneficiaries lives. Because of your kindness, many can have hope for tomorrow. * Please note that we can only accept donations (from this portal) for The Salvation Army Singapore and not overseas countries.

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