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About Us

When we rescue the child, we save the adult.

In most cases of traumatic situations, it is too painful to use words.

The Red Pencil is a humanitarian organisation advocating the use of arts therapy (drawings, music and movement/dance) in its quest to help children and families who are caught in overwhelming life circumstances such as grief, loss, displacement, violence and uncertainty.

With the guidance of registered arts therapists, children and adults are able to express themselves in a different and meaningful way on what they have been through, on their emotions and on their expectations for the future. This helps them resolve issues, cope with their difficult situations, heal their psychological wounds, re-build their self-esteem and slowly grow into confident human beings again.

Our Programmes

The Red Pencil's unique model of intervention is rooted with the core understanding that arts therapy is essential to support those coping with the aftermath of traumatic events.

We offer comprehensive cycles of arts therapy sessions to the most vulnerable groups and individuals, long enough to make a positive change, and led by certified and registered arts therapists.

We collaborate with local and international NGOs and organisations that are able to identify where the most crucial needs are on the ground. These organisations reach out to The Red Pencil for arts therapy programmes to complement their work in the field. We receive requests from hospitals, shelters, prisons, schools, family centers.
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