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ends 19 Nov 2019, 11:59 PM
Isn't it difficult for people to change for the better?
Isn't it hopeless to keep trying to help an addict / ex-offender?

Truth be told, it isn't easy to drive change in our beneficiaries' lives.
But we never give up.

We knock on their doors relentlessly, we form friendships & trust, and we give them hope and a future.

We hope to raise $15,000 to support our beneficiaries and programmes. It takes more than $15,000 a week to operate our Residential Rehabilitation Programme.

Our beneficiaries need a place where they can seek active help and a conducive environment which supports them even when they fall. Their vice-filled lives have resulted in them to be destitute and desolate in everything, from finances to their relationships and now they seek help and respite from the constant fear and rejection they face.

At TNCM, we provide them with a safe and clean sanctuary, targeted programmes and counselling. These efforts have transformed our Alumni, and since reintegrated into society. Not only were their habits and character changed, but they are now successful entrepreneurs, leaders and fathers with a happy family.

However, the truly compelling thing is this.
Despite their new life, busy schedules and other commitments, they still volunteer in Prisons, Elderly programmes and even as a student mentor in Schools; to care and contribute back to society.

We hope that you can be part of this change process, your spare change, spare change!

About the Charity

YOU can be a part of HOPE & CHANGE!
Donate and join us to reach the disadvantaged and the marginalised in our society to bring them new hope and opportunities. We enable and equip them through our targetted programmes, tools and refuge.

HALFWAY HOUSE: Our rehabilitation programme provides restoration for newly released ex-offenders and walk-in individuals who are seeking to change their lives. Here, they learn how to rebuild their lives and families, and then contribute back to society.

YOUTH: Our transformed ex-offenders move upstream from aftercare to preventive work with structured mentoring programmes to reach our next generation in schools.

PRISON: We seek to bring tangible hope and encouragement to those still in prison. Our counselling programme enables them to lead lives liberated from gangs and drugs and survive beyond bars.

ELDERLY: Our objective is to bring joy, comfort and meaning to the lives of our aged poor. Our regular visits, provisions, haircuts, home cleaning and refurbishments have touched many lives. Our team have moved beyond the weekly visitations to transforming the homes of these elderly, giving them a better living condition.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

Children & Youth
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