The Mission to Seafarers Singapore Sea Sunday - 160 years of caring for Seafarers (1856 - 2016)

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The Mission to Seafarers celebrates 160 years of caring for Seafarers and their families around the world with Sea Sunday (1856 - 2016) - A day of prayer and celebration of life at sea. Approximately 1.5 million men and women work at sea, and a seafarer's life is often dangerous and lonely. With your vital help, it does not have to be without hope and friendless. You can be a neighbour to crews in need everywhere. Spread compassion and kindness in providing welfare support to the seafarers. Please pray for seafarers and their families on Sea Sunday and make a donation to the work of The Mission to Seafarers Singapore (MTSS). Luke 10:29 - He asked Jesus, 'And who is my neighbour?' Go to: to find out more.

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Founded in 1856, The Mission to Seafarers is the world's largest international Christian Maritime welfare charity with teams in 200 ports across 8 regions, in over 50 countries. With our Patron, Her Majesty, The Queen, and our President Her Royal Highness Princess Anne, The Mission to Seafarers offer help and support to merchant seafarers. Through its 115 centres and volunteers, The Mission to Seafarers provides communications, stores, transport services, free advice and publications for seafarers as well as help in maritime emergencies. Objectives of the Society shall be to provide a Christian ministry of spiritual and pastoral care and in so doing provide for an promote the spiritual, moral and social welfare of seafarers of all creeds and nationalities. In pursuance of this object, the Society will use every means consistent with the principles and received practice of the Anglican Communion.

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