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ends 31 Dec 2021, 11:59 PM
How much do you usually spend on an average day? Do you keep tabs on your online shopping sprees, or calculate your daily expenditure on meals, drinks, cab fares and entertainment?

Why not save up some of your indulgence spendings and give back to the community by donating to an arts and culture or social organisation? A small of $10 gift goes a long way for a non-profit organisation like ours.

Here are some things you can do if you set aside a small sum each month:
- Donate to support T.H.E Dance Company's dance education programmes
- Donate to other non-profit organisations with causes you believe in
- Attend our classes and learn new skills
- Save up for a rainy day

In an effort to make dance education at T.H.E Dance Company more accessible for those who may face higher barriers to entry due to financial constraints, donations garnered through this campaign will be set aside to support our dance education programmes, which include the enabling of 7 - 8 students and participants to develop and grow their skills and knowledge in contemporary dance. They can then continue their exploration of the art form without being deterred by the cost that goes into sustaining this passion.

Donations raised in 2021 through this campaign will be used in 2022.

Come play a part in making dance education more accessible with The Human Expression (T.H.E) Dance Company.

About the Charity

Described as a dance company 'at the top of its game', The Human Expression Dance Company (T.H.E), along with our semi-professional training arm, T.H.E Second Company, are names synonymous with ground breaking contemporary dance of the highest quality and artistry.

Founded in 2008 by Artistic Director Kuik Swee Boon with 6 members, T.H.E has become a household name in Singapore and the region, having commissioned and performed at most major local arts festivals and in prestigious international festivals such as Les Hivernales Festival in Avignon, France; Oriente Occidente Festival in Rovereto, Italy; SIDance Festival and Seoul Performing Arts Festival in South Korea; amongst others.

With our unique brand of highly physical and kinetic works, T.H.E digs deep into the universal human experience. At the heart of our works lies a connection with heritage and collective history as Singaporeans, juxtaposed with incisive, insightful observations on modern society: elements that set apart our repertoire of original creations. A continual pursuit of authentic expression led Kuik to initiate the "HollowBody" methodology. The practice aims to nurture our dancers as all-rounded performers able to convey the essence of their identity and lived experiences through the full spectrum of physical, emotional, philosophical and meaningful expression.

T.H.E is a registered charity with IPC status.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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