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Everyone reacts differently to their experience of crime or attending court and, for some, being a victim or witness of crime can create real problems for them and their families. Besides the unpleasant experience, there are often many practical matters to take care of, and, if a case goes to court, worries about dealing with the procedures. Victims include the young and old, victims who have suffered trauma such as sexual crime victims, victims of sex and labor trafficking, victims with mental disorders, and people with intellectual and social disabilities

A common perception in Singapore is that the justice system is only meant for persecutors, lawyers and judges...which is totally not true! For those who has not experienced being a witness in a criminal trial, the criminal justice process can be daunting for any witness. For vulnerable witnesses, there is the additional possible risk of re-victimization or reliving trauma...and this is where the community can play a part.

Funds raised under this program will go towards providing training for volunteers to support vulnerable victims when they appeared as witness in court. Vulnerable Witness Toolkits (available both hard copies and at www.cjc.org.sg) are available for professionals and caregivers of vulnerable witnesses to help them prepare the witness for the criminal justice system.

About the Charity

The Community Justice Centre (CJC) was launched in March 2013 by the Honourable the Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, to help unrepresented litigants who may be daunted by the prospect of handling a case on their own. CJC offers these litigants assistance with the courts processes and procedures, so that that they may better navigate the court system, thereby enhancing access to justice, irrespective of background or social status.CJC also assists litigants who face financial difficulties or underlying emotional or psychological distress. By working in partnership with social agencies, lawyers and volunteers, CJC provides a continuum of tiered programmes, catering to the individual needs of these litigants.


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