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ends 31 Dec 2021, 11:59 PM
Dear Former Boys, Primers and Alumni of 12th Independent Company;

Hope you are keeping well and in the best of health.

A few of our former 12I Boys/Primers/Officers are intending to do a special fundraising project for the new Boys' Brigade Headquarters located in 10 Kwong Avenue. BBHQ is moving to a new campus after several decades at Zion Road.

As we've been impacted by the BB ministry, we have decided to adopt a room/hall in the new BBHQ, for which an appreciation plaque will be placed outside the room. It will be dedicated to our former 12I BB Captain and Officer Mr Jonathan Ng Joo Foon, for his ministry in nurturing generations of men and women through the BB, and presenting this special 'gift' to him next year in 2022, his retirement year, potentially with a physical event once the restrictions from the pandemic have been eased.

We have decided to target a fund-raising target of $20,000 in the first instance, and hope to raise it by the end of 2021 (31 Dec 2021).

We hope to attract donations of $250/$500/$1,000 per former BB Boy/Primer. Of course we will welcome any amount nonetheless.

If possible, Please let Gareth or Oliver know once you have donated by Facebook messenger so we can also invite you for the naming event when conditions permit hopefully in 2022.

All donations are tax deductible at 250%.

About the Charity

The Boys' Brigade (BB) was founded in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1883 as a uniformed youth organisation. Today, the movement has spread across the globe with over half a million members worldwide.

The BB in Singapore was founded on 12 January 1930. We employ a holistic approach in the development of youths. Through our programme, we hope for our youths to be world-ready, with the passion to act on their dreams and to serve and care for the community.

Boys and Youths discover more about themselves, overcome challenges and broaden their perspectives through our exciting outdoor adventure activities, meaningful community projects and enrichment programmes. Increasingly, the emphasis is on leadership development, team building, life skills, adventure activities and community service.

The BB members' experiential learning journey takes place in three specially designed programmes, namely Juniors Programme (Primary Schools), Seniors Programme (Secondary Schools) and Primers Programme (Polys, JCs and ITEs).


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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Ong Ying Hui, Contact Person