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At The A Cappella Society we believe that everybody can sing. We aim to operate as a resource and training centre for vocal and a cappella music in Singapore open and accessible for all. We offer groups for everyone who wants to pursue their passion for singing and programs and events for the community as well as a rehearsal space and support for existing groups.

Our Programmes

The A Cappella Society is set up to serve as the home and centre of contemporary A-Cappella vocal music education.

We serve as a resource and network centre for a cappella singers, providing inspiration and training opportunities to enthusiasts, promoting an international standard of performance.

We organise numerous events and concerts throughout the year such as A Cappella Championships, Vocal Edge Concert, A Cappella Festival and our Christmas series concert and Caroler's camp. We also organise free monthly workshops and Sunday Vocal Jam sessions for the public to join in.

We view a cappella singing as an art form which Singaporeans would find both delightful and fulfilling. Besides being extremely portable and economical, it also encourages the individual to explore a variety of performance techniques, for eg, Singing Techniques, Stage Performance, Solo Delivery, Group Ensemble, Arrangement Writing, Choreography, Vocal Instrumentation, Vocal Percussion and Staging.
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