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About Us

Tang Renaissance is a registered arts charity since May 2017 and recognised as an Institution of a Public Character (IPC) by the Commissioner of Charities since August 2021.

We are the only charity in Singapore that presents Shanghai Yue Opera performances because we see the importance of preserving the cultural heritage and values of this traditional art form. After nearly 20 years of promoting the traditional art form of Shanghai Yue Opera. We aim to be an ambassador for Shanghai Yue Opera in Singapore and to provide a platform for practitioners to hone their craft. We collaborate with groups overseas for cross-fertilization of ideas, talents and sharing of intellectual properties.

Tang Renaissance has trained more than100 talents locally and hosted more than50 shows over the past 16 years across the regions (Penang, Shanghai, Nanjing, Vietnam, etc). We are committed to continually provide training and performance opportunities to existing performers and to people who are interested in learning about Chinese Culture.

Our Programmes

Our Programmes:
1) Monthly training
We provide 10-15 lessons (1-hour per lesson) every month to our performers (1 to 1 lesson via Zoom) to master their performance's item with a professional coach in China.

2) Yearly Performance
Every June, we aim to produce a new show under the series "Shanghai Yue Opera Appreciation Night" which will be staged in a local theatre. We also seek opportunities for cultural exchange events overseas and be part of an international network that shares ideas, knowledge and connections to make a larger impact on our community through the arts.

Your donations to the Tang Renaissance support programmes that benefit local artists, arts initiatives and traditional art.

We want to thank you all once again for being awesome!
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