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About Us

TalentTrust improves the lives of disadvantaged people in Singapore by working with other charities to help them become more effective and sustainable. We do this by uniting senior business leaders with ambitious charities that want help.

Based on a successful UK charity-model, TalentTrust partners with businesses to introduce a new caliber of skills-based volunteering to Singapore.

Working only with the most skilled senior leaders, TalentTrust ensures its members are best-placed to provide considered and meaningful advice to charities, whilst at the same time stretching and further developing the valuable talents of the members themselves.

Our Programmes

The problem TalentTrust addresses is business-based skills gaps in charities - marketing and fund raising, strategy and business operations. As the Straits Times reported recently, over 100 charities were de-registered in the last 5 years.

Talent Trust solves this problem by operating as a management consultancy/executive coach for other charities.

We match senior business executives to charities, to coach the charities into improved performance.

Our programme takes 12 months per charity. There is 1 meeting per month, for 2 hours. Each meeting follows an established template, so there is structure and no mission creep.

This programme helps the charities to develop more rigorous processes, spend their money more effectively, and most importantly, help more people in Singapore.
  • Children & Youth
  • Disability
  • Social Service
  • Women & Girls

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