Our Campaign Story

ends 22 Feb 2016, 11:59 PM

As a kickoff campaign, race2share athletes, Kristine Gumabay and Ling Ramos are helping to raise build awareness for Aidha, a Singapore NGO empowering foreign domestic workers, and low-income women through skills like financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Let's support Aidha's mission to end poverty cycle among domestic workers by sharing our bits!

race2share (Singapore) aims to establish a network of athletes who are actively engaged in multi-disciplinary sports and community volunteerism. We race to raise awareness for advocacy groups and motivate others to participate and contribute meaningful efforts within our community.

About NPO

Aidha, an award-winning NGO provides financial literacy programmes such as money management, computer literacy, leadership and entrepreneurial skills for foreign domestic workers and lower-income women.

79% of our students to start a business or invest in productive assets like livestock, land or building in their home countries, 84% save monthly or every other month and a majority of them transfer the knowledge they have learnt to their families and friends, creating a significant multiplier effect. The multiplier effect is significant as it means that their children now have a chance to be educated and to break out of the vicious poverty cycle.

Educate 1 woman, impact 9 lives.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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