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ends 31 Oct 2020, 11:59 PM
SUN-DAC 30 Seconds Challenge - Say YES to Social Inclusion

#SUNDACCares #SayYESToSocialInclusion #30SecChallenge

This year 2020, as SUN-DAC marks 30 years of our service to persons with disabilities, caregivers and the community, we hope to raise funds to help vulnerable beneficiaries and caregivers. We want to ensure vulnerable beneficiaries and caregivers in need are not socially isolated.

The 30 Seconds Challenge is a simple activity we can do anywhere; and post on social media and tag friends/ family/ colleagues to donate/ do the same. The challenge can also be a form of virtual CSR and team bonding activity for groups.

Take a video of yourself doing a 30 seconds activity, eg. yoga pose, jumping jacks, skipping, etc. Be creative. Post the following text on your social media, tag friends and challenge them to do the same and/ or donate.

"I am saying YES to Social Inclusion to support vulnerable persons with disabilities and caregivers in SUN-DAC. Take part and donate to help those at risk of social isolation."

See sample at https://tinyurl.com/y7ejfkvm or https://tinyurl.com/ybkekbyj

Together we can say YES to Social Inclusion!

About the Charity

SUN-DAC was set up in 1990 to provide care for people with intellectual disability in a Day Activity Centre setting. We currently serve persons with disability, with varying intellectual, physical, mental, sensory, and learning disabilities.

To be a premier day activity centre serving persons with disabilities.

To provide meaningful and constructive development activities for persons with disabilities with the aim to improve the quality of life for them and their caregivers.

1) Kind
2) Teamwork
3) Do to Others What You Want Others to Do to You


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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