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ends 31 Dec 2017, 11:59 PM
A day will come when parents will be too old to care for their adult child with moderate to severe autism. Give today and help make the new autism home a reality (ready in 2018).

Linus*, 36, has moderate autism. He is a non-speech communicator and is deaf in one ear, partially deaf in the other. While LInus is able to respond when someone calls his name, his world is mostly sealed off from those around him, including his mother whom he lives with in a simple flat.

Linus' parents are separated. His mom is getting older. While she can presently care for him, she is often at her wits' end when he exhibits challenging behaviour. That's why she keeps Linus at home when he does not access the DAC programme at St. Andrew's Autism Centre, even when it means that the confinement may add to frustrations, including complaints from unsympathetic neighbours.

She occasionally experiences sleepless nights, worrying about what will happen to her adult child when she can no longer care for him, and when she passes on.

Linus attends the DAC, which runs a daily 6-hour programme on weekdays, and his mother is assured that she too can access support from a multi-disciplinary team including therapists when she needs help to manage Linus. For the present, she is grateful that she is not walking on this journey alone. But her concerns about the future remain uncertain until she is assured a place for him in the upcoming autism home, for the long run.

*name changed

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Founded in 1913, SAMH serves 5 key areas: - POST-ACUTE HOSPITAL CARE: through St. Andrew's Community Hospital (SACH), it provides inpatient rehabilitative and sub-acute care. SACH also operates a Palliative Ward, a Dementia Ward, Day Rehabilitation Centre, Outpatient Clinic, Home Healthcare and Community Therapy Services. - AUTISM SERVICE: through St. Andrew's Autism Centre, a special school for children and youths with autism aged 7 to 18, and a Day Activity Centre for adults aged 19 and beyond. - PSYCHIATRIC LONG-TERM CARE: through St. Andrew's Nursing Home, it provides recovery-oriented care for persons with psychiatric illnesses. - SENIOR CARE: through St. Andrew's Senior Care, it provides community based eldercare services including day care, dementia day care, community rehabilitation, home healthcare services and centre-based nursing. - COUNSELLING & TRAINING: through St. Andrew's Lifestreams, it provides counselling and training for those in the care professions.


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