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ends 30 Dec 2017, 11:59 PM
In ONE Minute... you can make a decision with far-reaching consequences. You can enable adults with moderate to severe autism access the DAC programme, with your generous giving.

The DAC programme provides training and support in the development of daily living skills, recreational skills, vocational and community living skills. We believe that adults with autism can find meaningful engagement, hope and to some extent work, when they are supported and equipped with these skills. With greater independence and adaptability, we hope that our adult clients are more able to navigate safely in the community and enjoy a better quality of life.

For more information about the DAC programme, visit http://www.saac.org.sg/index.php/programmes/st-andrew-s-adult-autism-services

About the Charity

Founded in 1913, SAMH serves 5 key areas: - POST-ACUTE HOSPITAL CARE: through St. Andrew's Community Hospital (SACH), it provides inpatient rehabilitative and sub-acute care. SACH also operates a Palliative Ward, a Dementia Ward, Day Rehabilitation Centre, Outpatient Clinic, Home Healthcare and Community Therapy Services. - AUTISM SERVICE: through St. Andrew's Autism Centre, a special school for children and youths with autism aged 7 to 18, and a Day Activity Centre for adults aged 19 and beyond. - PSYCHIATRIC LONG-TERM CARE: through St. Andrew's Nursing Home, it provides recovery-oriented care for persons with psychiatric illnesses. - SENIOR CARE: through St. Andrew's Senior Care, it provides community based eldercare services including day care, dementia day care, community rehabilitation, home healthcare services and centre-based nursing. - COUNSELLING & TRAINING: through St. Andrew's Lifestreams, it provides counselling and training for those in the care professions.


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Napalie Huang, Contact Person