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Sree Narayana Mission Senior Care Centre

The Senior Care Centres are facilities and services that are designed to provide non-residential nursing care for clients. Sree Narayana Mission (Singapore) operate two such centres - at Yishun and at Woodlands.

Both the centres conduct Maintenance Day Care Programme (MDCP) and the Woodlands Centre additionally conduct Dementia Day Care Programme (DDCP). The services provided include nursing care, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, multi-sensory stimulation therapies as well as activities for cognitive development in clients.

Giving Physical and Mental engagement

The Centres conduct a wide array of programmes and activities that seek to keep clients mentally and physically engaged. This is achieved through interaction, therapy, and cognitive exercises. Under MDCP the Centres offer outdoor physiotherapy and game activities for the clients.

Connecting the Community

The centres regularly collaborates with schools and early childhood education institutions and facilitate Intergenerational Learning between the elderly clients and the students. Along with this, the Centre also continually seeks opportunities to get the clients in touch with people in the community, participating in communal events such as block parties and holiday celebrations hosted by volunteers and well-wishers.

Generosity of our donors enables SNM to continue serving less privileged in our society. We are grateful for the continued support.

About the Charity

In keeping with Sree Narayana Guru's teachings, SNM provides a wide range of social service programmes for the less-privileged regardless of race or religion.

SNM operates a 224-bed nursing home, Sree Narayana Mission Nursing Home and two Senior Care Centres for the elderly. One Senior Care Centre is co-located with the Nursing Home in Yishun and offers a Maintenance Day Care Programme. The other Senior Care Centre is located at Woodlands and offers both Maintenance Day Care and Dementia Day Care Programmes. SNM also manages Meranti Home, a 200-bed psychiatric welfare home for male destitute.

SNM also runs community programmes to cater to the needs of the less-privileged including programmes for single mothers, educational financial assistance and befriender services.
SNM is an Institution of Public Character (since 1984).

SNM was one of 67 Charities which received the Charity Transparency Awards 2019, awarded by the Charity Council. The award recognises charities with good disclosure practices that the Charity Transparency Framework (CTF) recommends.


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