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Great sports programming is just the beginning at the SportCares Foundation.

With support from partners in the community and corporate sectors, SportCares has organised programmes and projects that have touched the lives of more than 8,000 underprivileged children and youths.

While each programme has its unique characteristics, our mission has never varied: Use sport as a force for social good by empowering people in need, providing social inclusion and bridging communities through sport.

As the philanthropic arm of Sport Singapore (formerly known as Singapore Sports Council), we link needy beneficiaries, passionate volunteers and community-spirited donors through sporting programmes to improve lives.

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Our programmes are social development programmes masquerading as sport development programmes. The youth believe that they are coming in to learn how to play a better game of ball, etc. However we're actually teaching the finer points of the game and of life through sports. Every programme, clinic, workshop or activity we conduct is interwoven with values and character development, educational support and life-skills training.

Each programme includes a professional coach, strength and conditioning exercises, two-way transport, nutritious meal and medical support for the participants.

Our target participants are underprivileged children and youth and youth-at risk (9-21 years old) with at least one of the below characteristics
- Potential/premature school dropout
- Records of risk-taking behaviour (school/police)
- Fragile home life

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