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Gift Of A Lifetime (GOAL) helps a parent purchase a $100,000 term plan for proceeds to be paid into the child's SNTC trust account upon demise of the parent.

GOAL has two parts:

1. It sponsors the initial $5,000 deposit to set up an SNTC trust account for the child.

2. The parent follows a plan to top-up the trust account in order to receive up to $5,000 in matching donations. These funds are then used to pay the premium of a term policy, the Great Eastern Cares Term Plan ("GE Cares Term") on a parent's life.

As part of their corporate social responsibility, Great Eastern is underwriting the GE Cares Term Policy at very special premium rates and without any commission, to help lower-income parents to provide for their children with special needs.

Through a combination of the parent's top-up to the child's trust account and the matching donations, the trust fund will be able to pay for the insurance premiums.

SNTC does not receive referral fees from Great Eastern on the GE Cares Term or any other insurance products. The GE Cares Term is offered on a non-advisory basis.

If you prefer to donate via cheque, please email us at [email protected] and SNTC will send you the instructions.

For more information, please download the GOAL brochure: https://bit.ly/SNTCGOALBrochure

About the Charity

Supported by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), Special Needs Trust Company (SNTC) is the only non-profit trust company set up to provide affordable trust services for persons with disabilities. Since 2014, the Special Needs Savings Scheme (SNSS) is also administered by SNTC. The purpose of SNTC is to provide a vehicle that ensures the financial security of persons with special needs is met when their parents or caregivers pass on. At SNTC, we have a team of trained social workers who will work with the caregivers to develop individualised care plans for each special beneficiary to meet their long term-care needs.


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