Journey down South

Volunteering is simple. Sometimes, opportunities to give can be found right in your backyard. Remember Joyce, our Rookie Volunteer? Follow her journey down south as she explores the backyards along our North-South line, and finds opportunities that are Uniquely Singapore. 

Explore some giving opportunities below for you to start your Giving Party:


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Here at, we want to make giving simple, fun and meaningful for you. You can choose to give with us in so many ways. Give your time by volunteering, treasure in the form of donations, or even talent in your skills to empower non profit organisations (NPOs). Super givers? Start a campaign with us and rally your fellow giving community. The possibilities are endless! In the south side of Singapore, explore many other charities like Guide Dogs Singapore in the Bishan area or The Theatre Practice, the oldest longstanding bilingual arts organisation in Singapore. You can even empower charities supporting the causes of family, community and sports such as Singapore Dragon Boat Association, Lion's Home for the Elders, or RSVP Singapore which encourages silver volunteers to actively give back through volunteering. 

You can even do some volunteering work, and volunteer your time with the arts by being a friendly minder to assist the museum guide in his/her tour facilitation for seniors alongside with HeritageCares, or even be a Big Brother / Sister for Blessings in a Bag's fun and creative outings for children and youth! Interested in sports volunteering? The Volleyball Association of Singapore is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help out for court personnel, event operations as well as administrative and PR to make their 29th Beach Volleyball Championships a success.