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Singapore is a fast-ageing society and the percentage of population over 65 is expected to reach 26.6 percent in 2035*. Women are more vulnerable than men, living an average of 4 years longer#, facing more physical ailments, social isolation, and financial insecurities. Women play a pivotal role in Society, often taking on care giving duties right up to their senior years. WINGS' mission is to help women age well and live well.

To achieve purposeful ageing, every woman must:

1. build their mental, emotional, physical & financial health for their golden years,

2. be equipped with skills for the new digital age,

3. form meaningful connections to be part of an eco-system of women supporting women, and sharing knowledge & skills to the less privileged.

Funds raised will go towards:

1. developing programmes that target women's mental, emotional, physical and financial well-being to help women plan for transitions in life starting from 40s and beyond;

2. delivering digital workshops to help women embrace the digital age and using these skills to deepen inter - generational ties through the creation of legacy videos and family websites;

3. equipping women with knowledge and soft skills to thrive as they age;

4. enabling women to pay-it-forward using their new knowledge by helping residents of nursing homes produce meaningful legacy videos to preserve, celebrate and share their life stories.

-*The ASEAN Post, 16 Feb 2020 #SingHealth, healthxchange.sg 2021

About the Charity

Established since 2007, WINGS is the only non-profit in Singapore singularly focused on helping women through their later years by providing education and activities focused on our three pillars of health (physical and emotional), financial security and forming meaningful relationships with the community.

Our Vision
Ageing Well, Living Well

Our Mission
WINGS empowers women to age well, by staying healthy, being financially secure and staying socially engaged.

Why is our focus on women still relevant today?
1) The number of older women living alone has increased by 40% over the past 15 years.
2) Women outlive men by two to eight years on average with more illness and disability during those years.
3) The average female CPF balance is just 69% of the average male.
4) Women are caregivers to spouses, grandchildren and other family members. They sacrifice career for caregiving and have less money for retirement. The quality of care that older women can provide to others depends firstly on the protection of their own well-being.
5) According to the WHO, ageing & health programmes must be tailored for women to be effective.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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