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ends 31 Mar 2024, 11:59 PM
Women hold up half the sky as the saying goes. This is so true as many continue to carry the burden of caregiving even as they age. And yet women are more vulnerable than men as they live longer by an average of 4 years, often beset with physical ailments, face social isolation and financial insecurities.

WINGS support women by building an eco-system of empowering women age 40 and above with knowledge and life skills to age well. They are then provided with a platform to provide peer support through special interest groups and volunteer activities that help others embrace life transitions and rise above challenges.

WINGS Women-on-the-go, are women who intentionally support others in the community. One example is our Legacy of Love project, where WINGS Senior Digital Ambassadors apply their digital knowledge by helping other women, residents of homes and hospices leave lasting memories for future generations through the production of personal legacy videos. Another soon to be launched project, Bucket of Love will see WINGS Sewing Bees volunteers sew bucket hats for the 1,000 plus women stricken with cancer yearly. These hats help uplift their spirit and keep the dignity of women as they undergo the painful and unpleasant chemotherapy treatment. Our Joyful Singers bring cheer to residents in Homes whilst our balloon sculptors help seniors work their joints by improving mobility and dexterity through the art of sculpting balloons.

About the Charity

Established since 2007, WINGS is the only non-profit in Singapore singularly focused on helping women through their later years by providing knowledge and activities focused on the pillars of physical, mental and emotional and financial health, whilst embracing the new digital age.

Our Vision
Ageing Well, Living Well

Our Mission
WINGS empowers women to age well, by staying healthy, being financially secure and staying socially engaged.

Why is our focus on women still relevant today?
1) The number of older women living alone has increased by 40% over the past 15 years.
2) Women outlive men by 4 years on average with more illness and disability during those years.
3) The average female CPF balance is just 69% of the average male.
4) Women are caregivers to spouses, grandchildren and other family members. They sacrifice career for caregiving and have less money for retirement. The quality of care that older women can provide to others depends firstly on the protection of their own well-being.
5) According to the WHO, ageing & health programmes must be tailored for women to be effective.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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