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ends 30 Mar 2023, 11:59 PM
Help Ah Gong, Ah Mah, Jiak! (Eat!)

The fees that SAS collects from our needy residents covers only 16% of our costs. Government subvention helps to fund about 60% of our expenses. Another S$2 million needs to be raised annually from the public to sustain the SAS's cause.

Out of the S$2 million that needs to be raised annually, 50% will go to providing healthy and nutritious meals for our residents. SAS serves an average of 468,000 meals per year and close to 70% of our residents required dysphagia diet. When a resident is diagnosed with dysphagia, it is recommended that they consume specially tailored dysphagia food, known as a 'texture-modified diet'. This is because people with dysphagia usually find it safer and easier to swallow food and drink with an adapted consistency and smooth texture. Sometimes the use of a special thickening agent will be required in the preparation of the dish to get the right consistency. Therefore, SAS must cater for four different types of diets.

Your donations will help to cover the food costs at our Nursing Home.
- $10 helps bring in 3 meals and 1 tea break a day for an elderly in need
- $30 covers the cost of an elderly's meals for 3 days
- $300 provides meals for an elderly for 1 month

About the Charity

Society for the Aged Sick (SAS) is a non-profit nursing home that provides long-term residential and respite care services for the elderly, especially the less-privileged.

With a team of committed healthcare professionals and caregivers, we believe in adding years of quality life to our residents through holistic caregiving.

Established in 1968 as a 16-bedded facility, we now have 404 beds in our current location.

We hope to create a home within a home environment where our residents can enjoy professional and individualized care. Every resident is treated with respect, and we affirm that our residents' dignity is at the core of our work.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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