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ends 28 Dec 2017, 11:59 PM
Gardening for the elderly is a healthy and holistic activity that stimulates the body, mind and communal bonding. In the setting of a nursing home, the older adults can still be productive and contribute towards beautifying their surroundings. We understand the healing power of nature and enjoyment attained from engagement in a meaningful activity. Therefore we want to empower our residents, with therapeutic facilitation to grow, cultivate and nurture plant life. With your help, we can make this possible and create a garden at our nursing home.

Gardening as therapy will help:
- Maintain mobility and endurance by encouraging physical gross and fine motor skills practice
- Reduces stress, promotes relaxation and pain relief by being immersed in gardening
- Develop self-esteem and sense of accomplishment
- Improves well-being as a result of increased social interaction
- Multisensory stimulation for residents with dementia

Residents will be able to enjoy additional activities such as
1. Watering plants
2. Planting seeds
3. Harvesting crops
4. Pruning and tiding garden
5. Repotting and rearranging area
6. Multisensory enjoyment - smelling, touching, looking, listening, tasting and remembering
7. Craft activities associated with plants

About the Charity

Society for the Aged Sick (SAS) is a non-profit nursing home that provides long-term residential and respite care services for the elderly, especially the less-privileged.

With a team of committed healthcare professionals and caregivers, we believe in adding years of quality life to our residents through holistic caregiving.

Established in 1968 as a 16-bedded facility, we now have 404 beds in our current location.

We hope to create a home within a home environment where our residents can enjoy professional and individualized care. Every resident is treated with respect, and we affirm that our residents' dignity is at the core of our work.


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