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ends 31 Aug 2021, 11:59 PM
Enhanced Fundraising Programme to provide Woman Empowerment Leadership Management for the Single-Parent, and Low Income Families. This program run on ESG function. With SGDs and GRI standard.

The program will include SDG 1, 5 and 8. Which is focusing in Singapore contacts. There are some missing gaps whereby we need to fill in.
And not only that, with part of the funds raise, we will be creating fashion, cooking and agriculture program. The agriculture program will be working closely with our ESG partner.

Therefore, we seek your kind donation to help our beneficiaries and achieve a better lifestyle and a better tomorrow for you and me.

About the Charity

Social Health Growth is a charity organization committed to help low income families youth at risk ex-offenders ex-drug abusers elderly and single parent raise their children to be healthy and contributing members of society.It is our belief that every mother and child should not have to struggle with the basic necessities of life. Our vision for a better life for these beneficiaries is only possible with generous donations from people like yourself; without which these families would have to face their challenges alone. We hope to help these families to improve the quality of their lives through proper education to them as well as nurturing their kids to be the future pillars to the society. Help us make a lasting difference in their lives. No amount is too small and we look forward to your kind participation and donation. We cannot help everyone but everyone can help someone. Looking forward to your kind donation and interest in volunteering with us. Check us out on our website, https://www.socialhealthgrowth.org

With Appreciation!

Alson Boo - Chairman
Social Health Growth


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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