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ends 31 Dec 2020, 11:59 PM
Joint corporation (SMEs, travel agencies, retailers, F&B)
- virus efforts
- access to giving.sg - put their vouchers + products - free advertisement
- 2.5X tax deductibility on donated money
- expand their client base
- improve their image

The outbreak of the coronavirus is unexpected, unfortunate and how long it will last, uncertain. Knowing that it can spread through close proximity among people, knowing the growing number of diagnosed cases, and not knowing completely who amongst us might have it, strike fear in the heart of many Singaporeans.
And in fear, people get out less.
This means fewer people spend time at retail shops, as well as F&B outlets; and together with the travel ban on a demographic of tourists, businesses for the local tourism and retail industries suffer.
Social Health Growth understands, and so we decide to share our online platform with you to improve your reach and sales. We want to let you advertise your products and vouchers on our space on giving.sg, where our base of donors could purchase out of goodwill.
All you got to do is donate 1% of your sales on our platform to help our beneficiaries, which can entitle you to tax exemptions. Besides, we will be proud of you for doing a good deed for those in need, and perhaps the public too.

About the Charity

Social Health Growth is a charity organization committed to help low income families youth at risk ex-offenders ex-drug abusers elderly and single parent raise their children to be healthy and contributing members of society.It is our belief that every mother and child should not have to struggle with the basic necessities of life. Our vision for a better life for these beneficiaries is only possible with generous donations from people like yourself; without which these families would have to face their challenges alone. We hope to help these families to improve the quality of their lives through proper education to them as well as nurturing their kids to be the future pillars to the society. Help us make a lasting difference in their lives. No amount is too small and we look forward to your kind participation and donation. We cannot help everyone but everyone can help someone. We also look forward to your interest in volunteering with us and check us out on our website, http://www.socialhealthgrowth.org/programme for our International Business Philanthropy Appreciation Night 2020 - 4th September 2020

With Appreciation!

Alson Boo - Chairman
Social Health Growth


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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