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About Us

Social Creatives is a non-governmental organisation. We aim to make Singapore and society colourful by bridging art to help with the tangible and intangible walls that divide us from being our best to each other, society and ourselves.

Social Creatives started in 2008 through the learning of a pilot project initiate in 2006 that bridges art to our heart level by painting dustbins along Orchard Road. To date, Social Creatives has connected over 50 non-profits, over 30,000 participants and 700 artworks.

However, the tears of joy and social impact motivates us more. This include the story of Mr Chandra Kumar who was formerly a drug addict and was diagnosed with diabetes resulting in the amputation of his legs. Despite all this, he would be watching us from a distance with a smile whenever we were at our Void Deck Gallery. He explained that he stayed alone in his one-room flat but the Void Deck Art Gallery gives him comfort and hope

Our Programmes

We do community art and murals to impact our heARTs and grow a colourful eARTh. We paint in different places from public domain and in social service organisations. As a creative enterprise, we aim to revolutionize the sector by igniting creative solutions to help societal gaps.

OUR PROCESSES: Team building, corporate-social investment, participative engagement, and artworks adoption

OUR OUTCOMES: Public Murals, Murals in One Room Flats, Welfare Murals, Void Deck Art Galleries and Art Jam

ARTISTIC IMPACT: Artistic exposure, artistic appreciation, city beautification, arts therapy, cultural diplomacy, audience development and art intervention

SOCIAL IMPACT: Sense of belonging, improved esteem, happiness, integration inclusion of communities and we also promote the software in our hardware.
  • Arts & Heritage
  • Children & Youth
  • Community
  • Social Service

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