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ends 31 Dec 2020, 11:59 PM
As COVID-19 grips the nation, we have enhanced infection control to keep our vulnerable, elderly patients safe.

Our patients still have other serious healthcare needs:
- Chronic conditions eg diabetes and high blood pressure must still be managed.
- Wounds must still be cleaned and dressed to avoid infection and amputation.
- Therapy is still needed so people can regain their ability to perform activities of daily living.
- Persons with dementia and their caregivers still need help coping day and night.
- Palliative patients still need help with living before leaving.

HERE FOR OUR PATIENTS. Each year, we serve 2,000 inpatients and 3,000 outpatients.

HERE FOR OUR FRONTLINE STAFF. Project Warm Hearts is a ground up initiative by staff to encourage each other. Supporters including the hospital's partners have given through cash donations (tax deductible) and donations-in-kind (no tax deduction).

COVID-19 has affected us all: individuals, families, businesses and our country. Our mission hasn't changed, neither has our commitment of serving, loving and healing our patients.

While our fundraising events have been postponed, the needs of our patients remain up front and centre. Most of them are elderly and lower income.

GIVE NOW: giving a little can mean a lot to those who have less. And giving a lot can make a big difference to many lives. Read about the difference in our patients lives slh.org.sg/patients-visitors/patient-stories/

About the Charity

St Luke's Hospital, named after the patron saint of the medical profession, was the first hospital in Singapore dedicated to the elderly sick.

We have expanded our services beyond the elderly to enrich more lives. An Institution of a Public Character, we care for 2,300 inpatients and 3,500 outpatients each year, regardless of race, language or religion. As illnesses may be long and chronic, we care holistically for patients' physical, emotional and psychosocial well-being.

Impactful and innovative in transforming community care, we were the first recipient of the President's Award for Social Impact (2012), and the first community hospital to receive the National Healthcare Innovation and Productivity Medal (National University Hospital - St Luke's Hospital Integrated Care Path, 2016). We topped the Community Hospital Patient Experience Survey in 2018.

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Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.