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ends 31 Dec 2023, 11:59 PM
Sometimes, emotional stress and excessive thoughts can be so overwhelming that they affect one's physical function. Mdm C, 79, has struggled with anxiety and depression much of her life. Recently, she developed weakness in her legs which affected her ability to walk, even though she was not suffering from any physical condition. She was hospitalized for inpatient rehabilitation.

In the ward, Mdm C was visited by our hospital's Chaplain, Ong Yao Min. Yao Min realized that she tended to ruminate in her negative thoughts, which stemmed from her sense of guilt and self-blame over past mistakes. With empathy, Yao Min guided her in reframing her perspective.

Slowly, she started to think more positively, see meaning in her life and felt hopeful about the future. Mdm C reached out to befriend the neighbouring patients as she wanted to encourage them through her own experiences.

Mdm C was later transferred to a nursing home. When Yao Min visited her, he was surprised to see her walking towards him without any walking aid! "She told me that she had totally changed her mind-set, and was now happy and comfortable with her situation," said Yao Min.

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About the Charity

St Luke's Hospital, named after the patron saint of the medical profession, was the first hospital in Singapore dedicated to the elderly sick.

We have expanded our services beyond the elderly to enrich more lives. An Institution of a Public Character, we care for 2,300 inpatients and 3,500 outpatients each year, regardless of race, language or religion. As illnesses may be long and chronic, we care holistically for patients' physical, emotional and psychosocial well-being.

Impactful and innovative in transforming community care, we were the first recipient of the President's Award for Social Impact (2012), and the first community hospital to receive the National Healthcare Innovation and Productivity Medal (National University Hospital - St Luke's Hospital Integrated Care Path, 2016). We topped the Community Hospital Patient Experience Survey in 2018.

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