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About Us

We are committed to caring for elders in the community from all walks of life, races and religion, and elders who may have undergone post-operative procedures for stroke, fractures and/or falls. They may also have chronic diseases like Diabetes, Parkinson's, or are wheelchair-bound and require assistance with activities of daily living.

We currently operate 22 eldercare centres and will continue to grow to 25 eldercare centres and a nursing home by 2020.

We aim to actively engage seniors in physical and mental activities to prepare them for successful ageing, maintain the functional levels of the elderly who have suffered physical disabilities as a result of stroke, fall or accidents, and to care for seniors while their loved ones are at work.

The goal is to help elders build their confidence and to experience the joy of ageing gracefully and successfully.

Our Programmes

Our services for the elderly include:
- Day Rehabilitation
- Maintenance Daycare
- Nursing Care
- Wellness Programmes
- Dementia Daycare
- Social Daycare
- Home Personal Care
- Home Nursing
- Home Medical
- Transportation
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  • Elderly
  • Health
  • Social Service

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St Luke's ElderCare Ltd

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