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About Us

SingYouth Hub is a non-profit organisation that supports youth development and social engagement in Singapore. We help other charities by providing them with platforms at shopping malls and schools to sell items for fundraising. In addition, we also conduct structured programmes in schools on social enterprise and mentor students carrying out service learning projects.

CraftPreneurs of SG Pte Ltd is registered on 6th June 2020. CSG is a social enterprise of SingYouth Hub. Our mission is to empower the people of Singapore to live a purposeful, happy and active life by connecting people of all ages to create crafts together.

Our Programmes

Social Entrepreneurship Program

1) Social Change-makers Training Workshop
- Training program for all volunteers in areas such as sales training, inventory management, business plan writing, presentation etc

2) Charity Pushcart Programme
- Deployment to pushcart in schools, shopping mall for fund-raising.

3) Craftpreneurs of SG
Empower the people of Singapore to live a purposeful, happy and active life.
Connect people of all ages to create crafts and care for the community.
Help VWOs to improve sustainability and reduce dependency on external funding.

Our Wish List


We are looking for permanent office that can accommodate 3-4 persons and a workshop area for 20pax.

  • Children & Youth
  • Community
  • Education
  • Elderly

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SingYouth Hub

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