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ends 16 Dec 2018, 11:59 PM
This year, we brought poetry into the sea, the heartlands, more than 50 schools, and the hearts of many. We've grown our SingPoWriMo community to over 7,000 members, and even started SEAPoWriMo to spread poetry to the region. We've run a series of graphic medicine workshops, and launched "Call and Response", a poetry anthology featuring migrants alongside local writers. None of this could've been done without your constant support.

Here's some of the things we have lined up for 2019:

- Bringing Book A Writer into more institutions including primary schools and ITEs, and the return of Camp Lit school holiday camp in June and December;
- Expanding poetry.sg's database to prose.sg, with printers around the city that will generate Sing Lit on demand, for free!
- The 6th edition of SingPoWriMo in April;
- Launch of the Manuscript Assessment Programme, in conjunction with Manuscript Bootcamp (Poetry);
- Brand new masterclasses and workshops;
- An art exhibition of poetry on broadsides;
- Writing and art workshops as soul therapy for those in need.

Every dollar truly counts, so help turn our crazier ideas into reality! Keep on telling our story to your friends and colleagues, so that we can keep telling stories for all of us.

Thank you for supporting Sing Lit Station, and helping to keep our little Station running. We wouldn't be where we are today without you.

About the Charity

Est. July 2016 / A platform where readers and writers meet.

Sing Lit Station is a literary non-profit and writers' centre in Singapore. We are a registered charity and Institution of Public Character (IPC) since Dec 2016. We aim to grow the literary community by:

1. Providing professional development for emerging and established writers;
2. Creating a one-stop portal for new and existing readers of Singapore literature;
3. Building a participative community within the literary scene and the general reading population.

Beyond our core programmes described below, we also organise a variety of innovative outreach and public art programmes including the Singapore Poetry On The Sidewalks, where we stencilled invisible poetry onto the sidewalks of popular art districts; Sing Lit Body Slam, where we offered a world-first showcase blending professional wrestling and spoken word; as well as Manuscript Bootcamp, our exclusive and intensive weekend-long editorial programme for aspiring writers. We are also carrying a writing workshop series for migrant workers and other underprivileged communities.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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