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ends 30 Nov 2016, 11:59 PM
National team captain and wrestler Toh Xin Ran and Eddy Khidzer started as strangers from diverse backgrounds. Countless hours honing their craft on the wrestling mats together have made them stalwart teammates.

Xin Ran had his humble beginnings from a well-to-do family but things took a change after his father went bankrupt and his sister met an untimely death during an overseas school trip. Struggling with the loss of family and distress at home, Xin Ran became a rebellious youth.

Despite all these, he achieved success representing his school in track and field which led to him discovering wrestling at 14. His tenacity and work ethic helped mold him from a rookie wrestler to the decorated team captain of WFS and a Lee Kwan Yew Scholar.

Eddy Khidzer was raised in a home of 7 after he lost his father at 8 years old. Directionless, he was headed down a path with bad company, until he found wrestling in 2010 when he was 16. Eddy has repeatedly proven to himself that sticking to and working for your dreams with commitment yields results.

Through his love and dedication to wrestling, he had achieved multiple awards and SOF Peter Lim Scholarships. Eddy has became a role model for the SG50 campaign.

We need your help to support young and hungry athletes like Xin Ran and Eddy to eventually represent Singapore wrestling team in the Olympics.

Show your support. Pin their dreams and lets move together to put Singapore wrestling onto the global stage.

About the Charity

WFS values are embodied in the Heraclitus dictum character is fate that you are what you do in life. WFS will promote wrestling as a sport which develops poise, enthusiasm, perseverance, respect, self-discipline, integrity in Men, Women, Boys and girls. In order to do so, WFS will require the support of everyone who believes in helping us to promote wrestling for all the benefits it gives us. This year we are raising funds for our athletes so that they may afford to go on training camps and overseas competitions towards their journey to achieve our 'impossible dream'. Every dollar counts. Thank you!


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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