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ends 25 Nov 2022, 11:59 PM
This project is based on preparing funds for Youth Development in Singapore Silat Federation for 2023 through the exhibit of the first 24 hours competition. It will be the lead up for this campaign. Promoting the youth through 24 hours competition. The onus of athlete development falls on developing and supporting the youth athletes. The funds will be channeled towards providing a holistic approach for youth development. The four categories that we will focus on for the youth will be education support, physio support, mentoring support and industry placement support. The concern by athletes' parents falls on the lack of education and recovery support. The lack of support during exam period. Providing an education avenue through national set up will be welcomed by both athletes and parents. The highlight of the whole campaign is the first 24 hours Silat competition.

About the Charity

Vision - Pencak Silat, a mainstream and widely participated sport in multi-racial Singapore, and an important contributor of regional and international awards and accolades to Singapore sports.

Mission - To be beacon for Pencak Silat in Singapore, promoting it as wholesome sport for ALL and nurturing those with the attributes for "competitive Silat" to realize their maximum potential.

Singapore Silat Federation is a National Sports Association (NSA), the main governing body for Pencak Silat sport. Our members, Silat associations and Silat Clubs, who are affiliated with us are actively conducting Silat lessons in Singapore, island-wide

Pencak Silat is a martial art stemming in the majority from Malay and Indonesian heritage. It translates to "fighting by many techniques of self defence" and has four main components; mental spirit, art & culture, self defense, and sport. The whole aspect is considered and all elements are paramount during competition. It can be practiced purely for fitness, for aesthetics or with martial arts focus. The large variety of techniques that are deployed in Pencak Silat encapsulate its uniqueness.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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