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ends 27 Jan 2024, 11:59 PM
SomethingNew is our Online Text Counselling Mobile App Platform that will allow counsellors, trained staff or volunteers to provide brief anonymous mentoring services, anytime and anywhere, to Singaporeans in need.

Check it out here: https://linktr.ee/somethingnewapp

We have seen growing gaps within our society that causes stigmas to be placed upon those who seek out counselling. If left unaddressed, it would fracture the fabric that binds us all, so hence this app aims to provide you that shield of anonymity and in the comfort of your own choosing.

We also understand that no matter how technology may advance, it will be difficult to have chatbots/Machines to replicate the very essence of what makes us human, and that quality is, our EMPATHY. Hence, all our Counsellors and practitioners are available round the clock or at an appointed time of your choosing, like a food delivering service, ready to speak with you through text.

No matter what age you maybe, it is our wish for this platform to remain free for all of you.

This mobile App is BY SINGAPOREANS for SINGAPORE, no matter where you are or what issues you face, there is always SOMETHINGNEW for you.

So please, help our movement grow by contributing to dispel the stigma and provide free text-crisis support to our nation :)

Donations keep services F.O.C & also help incentive our Esteemed Practitioners volunteering their time (in the form of GrabVouchers, etc)

About the Charity

Singapore Planned Families Association (SPFA) is an independent Social Service Agency (SSA) affiliated with the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC).

Established in 1949, under the name Singapore Family Planning Association (SFPA) by Madam Constance Goh, Singapore Women Hall of Fame inductee and Pioneering Activist, our organisation has been devoted to charity and strengthening ties amongst families spanning more than 70 years.

Our Vision
The Association believes in the promotion of healthy family values, physical and emotional health for the family leading to the building of strong, happy families and society.

Our Mission
Promote healthy family values, physical and emotional health for the family through advocacy and education.

Provide support to individuals and families at risk.

Provide programs and services on healthy family values, physical and emotional health for the family.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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