Booklet for Teenagers

by Singapore Planned Families Association


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Booklet to guide teenagers and young men and women on healthy family values on human sexuality and reproduction.

About NPO

SINGAPORE PLANNED FAMILIES ASSOCIATION being renamed from The Singapore Planned Parenthood Association (SPPA), was originally formed as the Family Planning Association of Singapore in 1949. We are a voluntary non-profit organisation seeking to promote sexual and reproductive health awareness in Singapore. SPPA was one of the founder members of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) that was formed in 1952, an international body which supports programmes of member associations in the world. In the early years, the Association spearheaded for the wide acceptance of family planning. It was instrumental in helping to persuade the government to adopt an official population policy in 1966. With the government providing family planning, the Association began advocating family life education and sexuality education promoting programme initiatives and services in the key areas of public education, counselling and training.

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