About Campaign

ends 27 Oct 2023, 11:59 PM
2023 is both a very significant and also an exciting year for our Singapore National Dragon Boat Team, as they spearhead a campaign to tackle the podium for the 3 biggest games possible as a National Athlete of this sport

1) SEA Games 2023, Cambodia
2) International Dragon Boat Federation World Championship 2023, Pattaya, Thailand
3) Asian Games 2022 HangZhou, China

Your donation will play a major role in assisting the team with
1. All Race Expenses and Training Expense leading up to the above mentioned 3 games
2. Pathway Development for Team Singapore athletes;
3. Coach Development to raise the expertise and professionalism of coaches;
4. Develop and Enhance the High Performance System
5. Enhancing the Training Environment for Team Singapore athletes locally or overseas;
6. Data Analytics and Information to facilitate informed decision-making, improve sporting performance and enhance the efficiency of the sport;

About the Charity

The Singapore Dragon Boat Association (SDBA) is the National Sports Association (NSA) for the sport of dragon boat in Singapore. It is a member of International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF), Asian Dragon Boat Federation (ADBF), South East Asian Traditional Boat Association (SEATBA) and Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC).

1. To develop and maintain a world class National Team at both senior and junior levels.
2. To develop and promote a comprehensive outreach programme.
3. To develop, promote and maintain world class competition events.
4. To become an effective agent for Dragon Boat development.

To develop sporting excellence in the sport of Dragon Boat and to cultivate mass participation in the sport


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.