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About Us

The Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) is the national sports body for the disabled in Singapore. It is a voluntary organisation that is registered with the Commissioner of Charities. SDSC is the only organisation that provides a range of sports and games for all persons with disabilities at both a recreation and competitive level. We rely on the generosity of our supporters, donors and partners to sustain and grow our programmes.

SDSC firmly believes in the rehabilitative and therapeutic value of sports. Its programmes and activities underscore its guiding principle that 'Disability Must Never Disqualify'. Thus, SDSC aspires to provide the disabled with opportunities to train, participate and excel in sports for local, regional and international competitions; to enhance the lifestyles of the disabled and integrate them into the community through recreational sports and activities; and to increase public awareness of and promote widespread support for the sporting and recreational needs of the disabled community in Singapore.

Our Programmes

Nurturing and Development
This programme introduces sports to persons with disabilities. It focuses on teaching basic sports skills and creating awareness of the benefits of sports. SDSC works with special schools to set up satellite centres and youth sports development schemes. We aim to provide instructors at no cost.

Singapore National Para Games
This competition provides persons with disabilities the opportunity to compete in a local competitive scene. With 15 to 20 games each year, it serves as a platform to identify potential athletes for training in the sports development programme. There are about 500 participants yearly.

National Championships
SDSC organises four national championships annually. The national championships enable persons with disabilities to compete in a formal setting. Those with potential are encouraged to go for more intensive training with the objective of representing Singapore regionally and internationally.
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