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About Us

SCWO is the national umbrella body of women organisations in Singapore. We are dedicated to the service of all women in Singapore and our objective is to Inform, Educate & Advocate. We work towards the ideals of 'Equal Space, Equal Voice and Equal Worth' for women in Singapore.

We launched the SCWO Service Fund, which is both a Charity and an IPC, on 31st March 2010 during our 30th Anniversary in Singapore. The Fund supports our key activities in these major categories:

1. Women in Need - Financial Assistance and Counselling.
2. Women's Rights - Financial and Social Security, Better Enforcement of Maintenance Orders, Review of the Women's Charter and Review of CEDAW.
3. Celebrating Women - Commemorate the contributions of our women to raising the status of women in Singapore.
4. Women's Progress and Development - Education and Skills Upgrading.

Our Programmes

Your donation will go a long way towards supporting the following programmes, and more.
- The Maintenance Support Central (MSC) is a multi-service drop-in centre that provides support and assistance for clients who have difficulty in receiving spousal and/or child maintenance.
- The research that we do in the areas of gender equality, elimination of violence against women, and other areas in line with our mission.
- The Singapore Women's Hall of Fame (SWHF) is a celebration of the outstanding women who have made, or are making, an impact on our nation. They are the boundary breakers and record holders, the risk-takers and change makers, the role models and standard setters.
- The Women's Register (WR) is a platform for networking, inspiration, community engagement and education (N.I.C.E) and reaches out to women and girls from eighteen and above who would like to gain new connections in both the social and professional arenas, support and guidance from other empowered women and involvement in the community.
- BoardAgender aims to provide a forum in Singapore to facilitate a greater awareness and understanding of the benefits of gender balanced business, and the advancement of more women into senior leadership roles and the boardroom.
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Angela Chong

Singapore Council of Women's Organisations - Service Fund

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