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ends 28 Feb 2016, 11:59 PM
My name is Anna. In college I dated a fellow student. He was handsome and polite and we fell in love quickly. Two months after we had started dating he forced me to have sex. I told him to stop, but he kept saying he loved me. I cried the entire time.
My name is Anna. I married my school sweetheart at 19. The violence started when I was five months pregnant with our first child. He would hit me for forgetting to wash his clothes or questioning his late nights out but I stayed because he always seemed sincere in his apologies. Three children later, he started having an affair and kicked me out
My name is Anna. To support my family I moved away and became a domestic worker. My employers seemed kind at first, but behind closed doors they started to treat me poorly. The lady of the house pinches my ears and calls me stupid. Once, she burned my arm with a hot iron and when the neighbours heard my screams of pain they called the police. Since then, my employers have never mistreated me again

About the Charity

Singapore Committee for UN Women is a self-funded, non-governmental organisation that supports the mission of UN Women of ending violence against women through local awareness campaigns and fundraising initiatives. Both locally and regionally, we support efforts that provide women and girls with leadership development, economic independence, and lives free of violence and abuse.Right now, one in 10 women in Singapore report experiencing physical or sexual violence. Violence against women is symptomatic of the barriers to gender equality that women face at home, the workplace, and in their communities. Through our flagship campaign Help Anna our local initiatives raise awareness, change mind sets, inspire ambitions, and propose solutions to the obstacles holding women back from reaching their full potential. Help Anna promotes actions to eliminate forms of violence consistent with traditional understandings of violence against women.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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