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About Us

Founded in 1960, Singapore Christian Home (SCH) is a non-profit nursing home for destitute and persons from low income families, requiring long term medical and nursing care with no alternative care arrangement. The multi-disciplinary team renders assistance in daily living activities, nursing, medical, geriatric, psychiatric, dermatological and nutrition care, physiotherapy, occupational, speech therapy, emotional support and financial assistance. The 248-bed home serves Chinese, Malay, Indian and other ethnic individuals age ranging from 18 to 105 years.

Singapore Christian Home offers families the much needed help and support in caring for their sick and frail elderly. In giving to the Home, you lessen the worries of these families and enable them to have the peace of mind to concentrate on their work and other family responsibilities while their loved ones are in the care of a professional team.

We would also like to invite dedicated like-minded volunteers to befriend and bring enriching activities to promote the psychosocial and spiritual well-being of our residents.

It takes a village and a variety of programmes to enable our seniors to feel physically, socially and emotionally supported. Champion our cause and be a Change Maker today!

Visit or call 68315161 to find out how you can contribute and make a difference today!

Our Programmes

- Nursing Care and Assistance in Daily Living Activities

-Medical Care

-Physiotherapy, Occupational & Speech Therapy

-Respite Care

-Dietary Services

-Activities to promote social, emotional
& spiritual well-being

-Social & Financial Assistance
  • Elderly
  • Health

Wong Pui Kheng

Singapore Christian Home

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